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As of February 2016 I am rearranging my blogging setup. Previously, the blogs were addressed as


Why the change? Well, blogspot is hosted by Google, and I use a Google-supplied template for the blog. Google uses a bunch of Javascript, cookies, etc. Since I don't control the web code that's running, I don't want it creating cookies and doing other stuff under a domain that I do control.

So the new organization is:

If you want to link to one of my postings, please use the blogspot address. For older postings, please change to the new address. For example
should become
Of course, Google's cookie and privacy policies apply to anything on blogspot.

Archive Blog Posts

DateArchived CopyRemote
2015 Oct 29 Lattic iCEcube2 on Debian blogspot
2015 Oct 05 Pebble watch programming to extend battery life. blogspot
2015 Sep 22 Pebble watch programming. blogspot
2014 Dec 31 HDMI-VGA adapter for Raspberry Pi blogspot
2014 Nov 13 Debian on BeagleBoard classic. blogspot
2014 Aug 22 Goats and Coffee blogspot
2014 Jul 11 Parallel port jtag blogspot
2014 Jul 03 via-rhine in Debian Wheezy blogspot
2014 Jun 30 Xilinx Spartan-3 I/O timing blogspot
2014 Mar 03 Widgets blogspot
2014 Feb 13 STM32 on Linux, again. blogspot
2014 Feb 05 HDMI Breakout Part 2 blogspot
2013 Nov 06 HDMI breakout PCB blogspot
2013 Apr 08 Linux system clock and hardware clock accuracy? blogspot
2013 Feb 10 ARM presentation at Consultants Network of NH blogspot
2013 Jan 21 My Debian tweaks blogspot
2012 Dec 24 Acer 5253 disk upgrade blogspot
2012 Jan 27 STM32 STM32F4DISCOVERY arm eval board and Linux blogspot
2011 Nov 23 Desampling using a Cascaded Integrator Comb filter blogspot
2011 Sep 30 Embedded systems Conference blogspot
2011 May 17 Acer Laptop and Linux blogspot
2011 Mar 11 USB inside an FPGA blogspot
2011 Feb 21 ATLYS HDMI blogspot
2011 Jan 12 Atlys and HDMI on Linux blogspot
2010 Dec 29 Digilent Atlys blogspot
2010 Nov 24 Saltwater immersion testing blogspot
2009 Nov 06 Grub-ing blogspot
2009 Aug 10 915MHz signal with a 100MHz A/D blogspot
2009 Apr 15 MHZ100Q - on sourceforge blogspot
2009 Mar 02 Cypress CY7C68013A (FX2) USB to FPGA blogspot
2009 Feb 14 Noise-blog blogspot
2008 Dec 09 Quad 100 MHz A/D PCB blogspot
2008 Jul 21 FPGA frequency counter code. blogspot
2008 Jul 14 Dying Disk. blogspot
2008 Jun 17 FPGA to VGA port blogspot
2008 May 23 AX8 core, UART, and uC programming blogspot
2008 May 22 Page Counter for this blog blogspot
2008 May 03 fpga uC core blogspot
2008 May 01 VHDL HelloWorld blogspot
2008 May 01 Starting FPGA project blogspot